We Will Miss You

Last week on Friday we had a Farewell Picnic for Grace and Harry.  We wish them all the best at their new school.

Thank you for being such wonderful additions to the Middle Learning Community this year.

20141121_142554    20141121_142524

The picnic was held on the oval and we had icey poles, played games and brought our soft toys along for the fun.

20141121_151738   20141121_143951

    Middle Learning Community you are welcome to comment and send your warm wishes to Harry and Grace.  🙂

School Fair

The School Fair is this Saturday 15th of November from 10am-4pm. There has been lots of information sent out throughout the year leading up to this date; however if you need any further information please ring our office.

Today students brought home a plate so that yummy slices and cakes can be made to sell at the Cake stall.

During students’ art lessons, they have been busy creating fabulous pieces of art that parents can purchase on the day. Here is a sample of some of the 2/3D’s art!

IMG_0143  IMG_0142  IMG_0141  IMG_0144

IMG_0145  IMG_0146  IMG_0147  IMG_0148

IMG_0149  IMG_0150  IMG_0151  IMG_0152IMG_0153  IMG_0154  IMG_0155  IMG_0156IMG_0157  IMG_0158 IMG_0159 IMG_0162IMG_0163  IMG_0164


IMG_0008 2/3D created this shared art piece that will be for sale in the silent auction.

Drama Tool Box Incursion: Tiddalick the Frog

Last week the Middle Learning Community had a drama incursion with students learning about the famous Dreamtime Story, Tiddalick the Frog.

Students learnt about the story, developed their drama skills and turned into some of our famous Australian wildlife!

20141020_120238    20141020_113653  20141020_121335 20141020_120602  20141020_120347  20141020_120229 (2)

20141020_120436  20141020_120421   20141020_120908



Our Inquiry Unit this term is  Tell Me a Story.

We are focusing on:

What are the different ways we communicate?

What is a story?

How have Aboriginal stories been told?

What Australian stories teach us about the Christmas message?

Donations Needed in the Middle Learning Community

If you have any material, buttons or wool at home that is not being used please send along to the Senior Learning Centre. In a few weeks we are beginning a very special BUDDY art activity with the Middle Learning Centre and would appreciate any donations. Please contact Mrs. Rose if you have any questions.




Japanese Day at St. Brigid’s

Some of the events of the day are:

  • A fashion parade
  • Taiko drumming by St. Francis Xavier students
  • Japanese songs and activities in the learning communitites
  • A special sushi lunch order

IMG_3577   IMG_1455


IMG_4463  IMG_7546

A big thank you to Sensei Meg for all the work she has put in to make today so special.  🙂

Religion- Our Place in God’s Creation

In Religion this term our current unit is Our Place In God’s Creation.

From this unit we want the children to understand that-

  • Our Creator God has gifted each of us.
  • Our senses enable us to experience the beauty and delights of our world.
  • We can experience God in the wonders of creation.


A big thank you to everyone in the Middle Learning Community who have brought in objects from home that symbolize God’s creations for our prayer tables.  🙂


During learning time, one of our religion lessons was about how our senses enable us to experience the beauty and delights of our world.

There were stations set up around the learning space:

Station 1 Sight (Magic eye picture)

20141009_144054     20141009_144057

Station 2  Smell (Scented flowers, herbs, coffee beans)


Station 3 Hear (listening to bird songs ) 


Station 4 Taste (fruit, chocolate chips, salt)

20141009_143825   20141009_143834

Station 5 Touch ( sand, wood, water, bark, rocks, grass)


While students were visting each station, they wrote a prayer of thanks about each of their senses.

E.g. Thank you God for my sense of sight, without it I could not see….


Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

 2/3D are Bucket Fillers- and have been filling our home groups buckets with postive notes about things they have noticed their peers doing throughout the day.

  • Bucket filling teaches the students the value of their words and actions.
  • It helps students become more aware of how their words and actions effect their peers.
  • Bucket filling promotes positivity in our learning space and outside during play time.


To learn more about being a bucket filler- click on the image below to view the book Have You Filled a Bucket Today?

Term 4


Welcome back everyone to the last term of our 2014 school year! This term we are exploring Communication and the many different ways we do this.

The title :  Tell me a story

Essential questions:

What are the different ways we communicate?

What is a story?

How have Aboriginal stories been told?

What Australian stories teach us about the Christmas message?

Our religion unit will tie in closely with this as we explore: Our place in God’s Creation”

This week students will be asked to collect items of creation to bring to school from home. Each home group will then set up a creation display area and a sacred space for prayer.


Literacy focus:

Reading– Dreamtime stories

Writing- Recount and Narrative.

Spelling– Students will continue to bring their spelling words home each Monday to be tested with their buddy each Friday.

Maths Focus:

Length and Area

Number: Counting, Place value, Addition and Subtraction and Multiplication and Division

Times Tables



This term we are grouping students each Thursday morning into Year levels. Students will be rotating between each of the Middle Learning Community teachers in a range of oral language activities promoting communication. It is also a valuable time for us to watch the students working together as we consider groupings for next year. If you have any issues or concerns, it may be worth having a conversation with the relevant home group teacher.

A few reminders:

  • Hats must be worn each day.
  • Full summer uniform to be worn by Week 3
  • Please ensure all drink bottles, containers, hats etc. are clearly named. Our Lost Property bucket is growing by the day.


A few dates to remember:

Friday 17th October– Japanese Day

Monday 20th October– Drama Incursion

Monday 27th October– Incursion- Aboriginal Art and storytelling with Paul

Tuesday 28th October-Commonwealth Bank Incursion (Financial Literacy)

Thursday 30th October-Junior and Middle School Mass

Monday 3rd November– School Closure Day

Tuesday 4th November– Melbourne Cup

Tuesday 11th November– Remembrance day

Saturday 15th November– Country and Western Fair

Monday 8th- Friday 12th December- Swimming Week

Wednesday 10th December– Carols 6pm

Thursday 11th December– End of Year Mass 9a.m.

Revision Activities

I hope everyone is having a lovely break.

If you would like to do some revison over the holidays, below are some Literacy and Maths games.  (You can also have a look at the Literacy Resource Page and Numeracy Resource Page on the blog for more activities.)

Click on the image to access the activity.

Money Activities:

Loose Change


Change Maker

**When playing Change Maker, make sure you choose an appropriate level and press on the Australian flag to use Australian money.
Money Master- great for practicing counting collections of coins (Click on the coins to play)
**When playing Money Master make sure you click on Australia before you start playing



Fractions activities:

Fraction Beach


Fraction Flags




Literacy Activities:

Noun Dunk- Recognising proper and common nouns

Antonym Match

Compound Word Match

Danger Kids- School Concert

The school concert was a huge success and below are some comments the students typed for our blog.


I really enjoyed when I went onto the stage and did the mexican wave. -Brodie M.

I liked the way the dancers in scene 2 danced because they tried really hard and did there best.-Charlotte S

My favourite part was when my scene was up on stage because I liked to seeing the crowd-Luke O.

I enjoyed the part when I first got on stage and sang the song DANGER KIDS!!!-Violet

The best part of the concert was when all the actors,singers and dancers came on stage and we all sang songs.-Chloe R

I liked it when we went on stage for my scene, it was scene 6. – Daniel

The best part of the concert was when the grade 4s, 5s and 6s did the chinese dance. – Ysabella. P

I enjoyed it when the grade 1s went on stage and sang the ‘I Left I Left’ song.  -Abbie.M

The best part of the concert for me was dancing to the songs The Legionnaires and Danger Kids.  -Maddison K

The best part of the concert for me was when I danced to Legionnaires and saw the chinese dancing. -Hayley D

The best part was when I went on stage at the start and the end.-Keely

The best part was  when we all went on stage. -FLYNN

20140919_095541   20140919_100719

20140919_095352  -Nathan